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On the fence about Photography Workshops?
 Here’s 7 reasons why you should book a photography Workshop . . .

1. You can shoot without a brief

Shoot what you want, how you want and if the photos are rubbish, no one cares, you’re in the driving seat which is unbelievably freeing!

 The location, the models, the set up, the props etc, everything has come together for YOU. This is your opportunity to shoot exactly what you want, try new ideas, test out different angles without any concerns on the final image delivery. This is a world away from clients paying for a shoot and needing to deliver a certain caliber or set of images. Use this opportunity instead to try new things, practise your skills and discover something new. It’s your turn to be the client, don’t be afraid to experiment and make it all about YOU!

Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill

2. Shoot with no pressure 

Time to be FREE. Free of pressure or stress, no images need to be delivered to the client, brides and grooms are not itching to get back to their guests, you can shoot incredible designs in your own time. Shooting with absolutely no pressure is a fantastic way to improve your photography skills and look at things differently. Many photographers often use workshops to work on their own personal style too and find their niche. This is the same for post shoot! When you’re editing, you can really experiment on your images and put them out on your social media to get opinions without any fear of jeopardizing a client gallery!

3. Just turn up and shoot!

No planning stress / worries about things going well, it’s all about having fun and being creative. With workshops, photographers have the chance to fall back in love with their hobby and offer the best service for their clients by knowing from experience that they’ve got just the pose, light and angle in mind to create a stunning shot. Stress free environments like a styled shoot allow you to look forward to the day, really be yourself and have fun with the whole team.

Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill

4. Shoot something different or someone else’s vision

Francesca did exactly this last week and confirmed, it was amazing!

 Workshops allow you to completely step out of your comfort zone and allow fresh ideas to come into your work. Recreating someone else's vision and seeing the results in action can fuel your creativity to develop your own style, or be able to offer a completely different angle for your future clients! The same goes for your own style being created by others on the day, they might offer a new spin on one of your staple ideas and give you a fresh perspective. Some of the tips that you learn from the workshop may even become everyday practise for your business.

Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill

5. Spend time with other creatives

It's joyous to be mixing with adults again full stop but mixing with adult creatives? Amazing! Mixing with other creative minds can do wonderful things for your personal work and business. Get those creative juices flowing with exchange of ideas, seeing people's visions come together and developing your own style as your go! With creatives coming together, new ideas or collaborations might be spoken about giving you fantastic options for the future.

6. Content. NEW content!

Content is ALWAYS a relative term for photographers but fresh, exciting content since coronavirus? Well it's definitely thrown a curveball in everyones instagram feeds! Francesca admits “I’ve been dragging out the content from my last Workshop in September so to have something new is always a bonus and will give your engagement a little push!

” Workshops can not only be used as a test run but can also become a huge part of your portfolio of images. Turn your instagram feed into the feed of your dreams with on trend, stunning images without having to worry about consent, copyright or still overselling your favourite wedding couple from the summer of 2017! A styled shoot gives you the opportunity to create a theme or a story for your images to follow and will be sure to give you plenty of images and inspiration!

Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill

7. Engagement

Doing a collaborative shoot means you can tag all the other suppliers and guarantee a minimum level of initial engagement & exposure which will then give you a push in the Instagram algorithm. Also, when you’re working on developing your social streams there's nothing better than multiple posts, stories and tags all coming in at one! Joining in with like minded individuals can do wonders for your engagement in the photography world and open you up to new followers who may not have come across you otherwise! Create a fantastic relationship with like minded photographers who will support you on social and in life!

So where can you sign up?!

Oh So Wild Workshop is THE workshop series for Creative Wedding Suppliers looking to take their marketing and social media content to the next level. Led by @francesca_hill_photography and styled by creative wedding stylists @storiesof_events, this Portfolio Builder will focus on cool, city elopements. The venue is epic and you'll be making use of both the indoor factory space / rustic brick walls as well as the Shoreditch esque space outside.

What to Expect from the Workshop

  • Multiple On-Trend Set Ups With Professional Model Couples & Styling

  • Extensive Shooting Time With Scope To Create & Adapt Your Own Ideas

  • Leaving With Amazing Images For Your Portfolio & Social Media

  • To Have An Amazing Day Filled With Inspiration & Creativity

Workshop Run Time - 12-4pm - Lunch Is Included

Book now and as an exclusive for SIM customers, get 20% off by mentioning SIM in your booking form! Prices, info, location and the booking from can be found below.

Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill

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