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Custom Photo Wall Art

We’ve never taken more pictures than we take now. Being a photographer, you know the value of prints, but does your customer? The majority of the population now carry around a fantastic camera integrated into our super powerful smartphones and we seem to use it at every opportunity to capture a moment, a memory. Many take pride and pleasure in sharing those photographs with friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or whatever the latest app du jour happens to be.

But a house isn’t a home without art on the walls, so could this be the perfect reason to promote custom wall art with your customers for their homes? Photographers capture precious memories and where better for them to be displayed but in a loving home. It would be a shame to leave these precious images on a USB or buried in a social feed never again to see the light of day. Displaying these images is not only a celebration of the work thats gone into these images, but a constant reminder of the value of booking a professional photographer.

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Acrylic Round Prints


How can you turn your photos into photo wall art? SIM Imaging’s wide range of custom photo wall art has been designed with an option to suit every home. There are 13 styles of wall art ranging from the most contemporary of designs to traditional and stylish. Our acrylic prints offer a fantastic high quality finish with a modern floating illusion whilst other products such as the framed canvas wrap are finished to perfection for a modern twist on a classic family favourite.

Photos are a visual representation of each individual, their life and the things that matter the most to them. For photographers, offering a solution to your customers to put these photos on display in their homes is a valuable service that cannot be overlooked. If you're struggling to know what to offer to customers, simply start with something that catches your own eye. Clients choose their photographers based on their styles and often a photographers own choices in framing or wall art will compliment that style. Choose a frame that perfectly compliments one of your own favourite photos for a starting point and expand from there.


Mix up your custom photo wall art with stylish photo frames the way you would like it. With a selection of our wall art products including high quality canvas prints, acrylic photo prints and metal prints, you can easily opt to add a frame at the checkout to completely change the feel of your product. We also offer large format photo printing for acrylic prints if you're looking to create a fantastic statement piece. Acrylic photo prints are available up to an impressive 60x40" and can be designed in a completely custom size to perfectly suit any space.


Develop your home or studio into a gallery of what your clients can order to give them the opportunity to see and feel the products for themselves. "You will only sell what you show" could not be more applicable than in the case of frames and wall art, from the mouldings, to colours and even the representation of size, samples are key to making sales. Choose the frames to highlight the images and create a beautiful display. Once you've chosen your favourite frames, you can order a chevron set consisting of each frames colours in individual corners from as little as £6+VAT. Allow your clients to see the frame colours from themselves and imagine their own images within your samples to help them visualise the final product. This step will help your customers understand the value of ordering directly from their photographer and help increase your average sales.

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“It’s time to get creative – from art groupings, styles of art, and how we display it”. Curate the images you’ve chosen for your display carefully, go big when you can for your favourite images from the shoot and create multi-aperture frames to show off a sequence. You can create a proof for your customers and even include an image of their own living room or wall they hope to display on by using one of our partner softwares such as ProSelect. This allows you to create accurate mock-ups of all our frames, moulding colours and mount options, then upload an image of an example living room or an image of one of your customers rooms to show the wall art to scale and up-sell more products or different sizes. Create a few different mockups prior to your sales meeting or virtual presentation to see which layouts your customer falls in love with. Remember to trust in your own style and choices, your customer has chosen you after all for exactly that reason and remember, to sell more, you must show them more - you will only sell what you show!

Once your customer has made their choices and you've assembled a package, place your order online via our website and then sit back and relax. We'll print and create each frame or wall art piece by hand and send it to you or direct to your customer with white label delivery in 7 working days, arriving completely finished and ready to hang.

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