Engraved USB Sticks

Engraved USB Sticks

Our engraved USB sticks are available in wood or crystal glass. Ideal for personalising client packages for professional photographers. Read more about our engraved USB sticks below.

The name’s Bond. James Bond. When raising funds for a documentary on the legendary GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 game, producers were willing to give investors a laser engraved USB stick to tempt them to subscribe. But what future and what purpose do USB sticks (and engraved USB sticks) have in a future where we save all of our files regularly into the cloud?

And the reason why is the same reason you still choose to get some photos printed and not others.

Why we still need engraved USB sticks?

Since the advent of the smartphone in 2007 and even before, photography became something that was something we could touch and something which we could frame into something that we saw on a screen. Originally, we saved those images onto a hard drive and, as the Internet got faster, it became more convenient to send those images to the cloud.

But what if the cloud provider you use went under? Or they suffered a massive cyberattack meaning that your photos could never be retrieved. All those memories, all those special moments – they’d be lost forever.

With a USB stick, you can back-up all of those important photos and documents just in case the worst happened. So much of our lives are now digital that it’s worth having an additional and safe copy of the photographs, music, videos, and documents that mean something to us personally.

And you can give your friends, family members, and clients the security that a USB stick offers with a stylish, personalised, and engraved USB stick. They’re a great selling tool for professional photographers looking for a competitive edge when quoting for work.

Engraved USB stick
Engraved USB stick

Personalised crystal glass USB sticks

SIM Imaging provides the highest-quality personalised crystal glass USB sticks – one of our range of 11 USB sticks and boxes.

Choose gold crystal glass, chrome crystal glass, or rose gold crystal glass for your engraved USB stick – they measure just 1.8cm by 5.9cm. Better still, the crystal component in your engraved USB stick will glow when plugged into your computer or laptop.

Order your crystal glass engraved USB stick now >>

Personalised wooden USB sticks

We also provide stylish personalised wooden USB sticks to clients. You can customise these engraved USB sticks with line art or text or, if you would rather print a full colour graphic onto your maple wooden USB stick we offer a UV printing option. This option prints directly onto the surface of the high quality wood we use during production.

Choose from a light maple or dark walnut option – our personalised wooden USB sticks measure just 2.8cm by 6cm.

Order your wooden engraved USB stick now >>

Order your engraved USB stick online

It only takes five days to create a personalised crystal glass USB stick or a personalised wooden USB stick. Choose from 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB memory sizes for both types of engraved USB stick – we also offer a 64GB option for wooden engraved USB sticks.

You can design your engraved USB stick with our free downloadable SimWare software or via our online ordering system. You can also choose to have your engraved USB stick dispatched within three working days by choosing the fast track option we offer at checkout.

If you want to speak with one of the team about our engraved USB sticks, please get in touch with us for more information. You can book an appointment to come and see us or speak to us over the phone – whichever is better for you. Just contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].

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