Sample Albums & Sample Photo Books preview

Sample Albums & Sample Photo Books

For professional photographers, product samples are a valuable tool for showcasing images, style and package options to existing and potential clients. To help your clients understand what they are truly looking for, showcase a handmade quality product for them to see, feel and fall in love with. This tactile interaction creates an emotional connection between your potential client and what you can offer them with an exclusively professional supplier.

Showcase your own photography within every sample product, encouraging your clients to visualise their own pictures showcased inside. This display of quality can really help clients make a final decision and choose to go with your work. Don’t forget that it’s not just a photo book that you are selling; it’s a beautiful, handmade memory of a significant moment in their history, ready to be treasured for a lifetime as a priceless family heirloom.

If you are a favoured or exclusive photographer for a local venue, why not supply a sample album to be kept on site, that way you are showing the venue dressed for a wedding, and promoting your own photography simultaneously. This can be a successful method for appealing to clients who may never have had the opportunity to find your business otherwise, making it an excellent marketing tool.


Sample Albums & Books

We offer full product samples for you to create with your own photography so showcase to clients at an exclusive discounted cost.


Cover Samples

We offer a range of cover sample packs & material swatches to help you and your customers visualise the final products in person as well as a paper sample pack.

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