USB Sticks & Presentation Boxes

With digital photography packages becoming more popular, we have developed our USB and presentation box range to suit your changing needs. Our personalised USB sticks for photographers are great if you are looking for a personal way to give clients their digital files. Whether you are looking for a rustic wooden USB box or a modern, clean classic look, we have the perfect presentation products to fit your needs.

Bulk discount codes can be used if ordering a large quantity of USBs with the same personalised designs. Choose to design your USB package through our free downloadable simware software or opt to create your product on our online web-page system.

Personalised USB Tin Metal Boxes
Personalised USB Tin Metal Boxes

Our personalised USB tin metal boxes are a great product with an industrial feel that you can offer to clients looking for a more urban style. The metallic finish will show through your image creating a metal grain effect throughout your design. Our USB tins are available in two sizes allowing you to offer a variety of options in your packages.

Our small tin will nestles a single silver USB, whereas the large tin will fit both a USB and photographic prints or CDs. Create the ultimate contemporary package now using your simware or though our online ordering system.

View our USB Tin Metal Box

Personalised Wooden USB Boxes

Our wooden USB boxes is perfect for creating a photography package with a rustic feel. This product is handmade in a choice of two colours and four different sizes with the option to include space for prints. Choose from 2 sizes to house just the USB, or upgrade to one of our larger sizes to fit your choice of 6x4 or 7x5 photographic prints. Our maple wooden USB box can be printed on using UV ink or have a line art or logo file etched directly into the surface.

Our walnut box can have a laser etched design which can include your logo, or choose from our many scrapbook options on the website and in simware. Your wooden USB key can also have a separate design applied in the same method as on your wooden box to create a stunning complete package.

View our Wooden USB Box

Personalised Wooden USB Boxes

Personalised Credit Card USB
Personalised Credit Card USB

Our credit card sized USB sticks are great if you are looking for a cost effective product to showcase your brand. This modern, pocket sized product is small and light making it perfectly portable to take to client meetings. The credit card USB can be fully personalised with text, graphics or an image on one side.

This product is available in a white finish with full UV print, or alternatively in wooden finish with either full UV print or Laser Etching. Your USB card will be packaged neatly into a clear plastic case with a magnetic clasp, snugly fitted with foam for extra protection.

View our Credit Card USB

Personalised USB Cans

Our USB can is the perfect quirky product to truly make your package unique. The can is perfect for retro shoots and are fully customisable. You can design full colour graphics to fit the radius of the can to create a bespoke product for each of your clients. This can will come in two pieces and is easy to assemble once you have loaded your files onto your USB stick.

The USB will be permanently sealed until your client opens the can to reveal the USB stick. Our USB can will come with a white lid as standard to use to close up the product again.

View our USB Can

Personalised USB Cans

Personalised USB & Print Boxes
Personalised USB & Print Boxes

Our Classic USB & print boxes are available in 3 neutral colours of black, white and kraft to match your style of shoot and you can select from three different sizes. With a choice of gold, chrome or rose gold crystal USB’s to fit neatly inside, you can tailor your personalised box to create the perfect package for your client.

Order a standard personalised Classic USB & print box to house just the USB inside, or order the USB 6×4 card box to include an additional compartment to fit up to 100 6x4” photographic prints. If you have an existing branded USB but would like a personalised package, then this printed card box is the perfect option.

View our Classic USB & Print Box

Personalised USB Box

Add a touch of luxury to your USB package with our personalised USB boxes. Available with a range of cover options including an image wrap, or a choice of nearly 50 colours of linen or genuine leather, this compact box can be matched to your brand or individually personalised for your clients.

This USB box can be ordered with or without a USB key, each available in a choice of 4 memory sizes of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB. Alternatively if you have a branded supply of crystal keys to use up, then this personalised box can be supplied with the internal black foam with our crystal size cutout but without the key itself.

View our Personalised USB Box

Personalised USB Box

Personalised Vintage USB Boxes
Personalised Vintage USB Boxes

The vintage USB box creates a classic USB package that is available in a hand painted finish of either black or white, with a matching wooden vintage USB key housed inside. Your white vintage USB box can be designed with full colour image or graphic, and the black box will be printed with white UV ink.

The inside of your box will contain portion of light natural wood wool with your individually printed USB nestled on top. Design your vintage USB box with our free downloadable simware software or use our simple online ordering system.

View our Vintage USB Box

Personalised USB CD/DVD Case

The USB CD/DVD case is sized to match traditional CD cases, covered with your choice of linen, genuine leather or a full image wrap. You have the option to select either a foam USB cut out or plastic CD holder depending on the requirements of your client or your packages.

Create your artwork to be printed onto the front and back of the material, or design a full image wrap with images and text on the front, back and spine finished with a matt or a gloss laminate. Design your USB case online now or via your simware if you are a PRO user.

View our USB CD/DVD Case

Personalised USB CD/DVD Case

Personalised Crystal Glass USB Sticks
Personalised Crystal Glass USB Sticks

Our crystal glass USB stick truly is a modern way to hand out digital files to your clients. The USB stick is 3.0 ensuring quick download speeds and is available in either 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB storage size.

With personalisation applied directly to the glass, the crystal component of the key will light up blue when plugged into your computer creating a stunning contemporary USB stick with either chrome, gold or rose gold finishing details.

View our Crystal Glass USB Stick

Wooden USB Stick

Our wooden USB sticks are available in two colours, our light maple or dark walnut colour in four different storage sizes. The maple USB stick can be designed with a UV printed line art, text or image design, as well as a laser etched file design for a subtle finish.

Our walnut USB stick can be designed with a laser etched line art or text file to be etches directly into the surface of the wood. You can design your wooden USB stick on our free downloadable simware software or on our easy to use online ordering system.

View our Wooden USB Stick

Personalised Wooden USB Stick

Wooden Vintage USB Stick
Wooden Vintage USB Stick

Our wooden vintage USB stick is handpainted in either a black or a white finish, and if available in four different storage sizes up to an impressive 64gb. The vintage wooden USB sticks are the perfect balance of modern technology and rustic look, perfect for vintage weddings and branding.

The white USB can be designed in full colour UV and the black will have a white UV printing option. You can design your vintage wooden USB stick on our free downloadable simware software or on our easy to use online ordering system.

View our Wooden Vintage USB Stick

USB Sticks & Presentation Boxes – Working With SIM Imaging

SIM Imaging has worked in partnership with photographers and wedding photographers for over 15 years. For photographers, the presentation of your work to your clients through personalised USB sticks and presentation boxes represents the final part of for example, their exciting and emotional journey to becoming married. Your clients have spent a significant amount of time and money on just one day and they want that day immortalised forever.

Just as important as the happy faces and the giddy atmosphere that your photography so expertly captures from the day is the presentation of these memories to your clients. What they receive from you must feel and look important, special, and luxurious – the three qualities that brides and grooms want from their special day with their personalised USB sticks with presentation boxes.

Our USB sticks for photographers along with our presentation boxes are designed and custom-printed using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and are a great modern way of presenting your work.

We fully understand the importance of the finished product. We fully appreciate and recognise that, if you choose us to be your USB stick & presentation box partner, we must produce to the highest standard every time. Even in the days of the internet, so many photographers still win new business from word of mouth as couples ask other people that they personally trust who should be responsible for capturing the most special moments.

USB Sticks & Presentation Box Reviews

"I have ordered recently various products from Sim Imaging, branded USB sticks, wooden USB boxes & stick & the classic print box & USB. Very impressed with the quality & turn around. My clients have also been over the moon with them." - Kathryn

"Always purchased presentation items for clients from SIM. Beautiful USB presentation boxes with a wide range of personalisation options and a very helpful and attentive design team. Also the software to design albums/proof books/USB sticks etc. Is amazing. It gives you so much creative control over your product. So pleased with every product I have purchased from these guys. I'm yet to purchase an album from them but the choices are fabulous. Loads of colours, textures, materials, text, embossing etc etc. I can't recommend them enough for their continued patience, design support, fantastic products and great customer service." - Charlie

"I have ordered several USB sticks in personalised cases from SIM Imaging, and I have not been disappointed by the quality of the product. As a semi-professional photographer, I care about the quality of my products and their presentation. SIM also delivers really efficiently." - Phil

For more reviews read our numerous Trust Pilot reviews and if you want to come into our Hatfield showroom to have an up close look at the superb quality of our USB sticks and presentation boxes, then please book in an appointment.

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