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Why Wedding Photographers Should Invest In Sample Albums | By Helen England

Helen England of Helen England Photography has been a wedding photographer for 16 years, photographing hundreds of beautiful weddings, from intimate and rustic country weddings to exotic destination weddings. We’ve been chatting to Helen on her experience with sample albums and how they’ve been successful in pushing not only her wedding photography business forward but her brand as well. Covering the key basics, we’ve asked her the all important questions on sample albums and why investing is so important to keep your business moving. Find out her answers below paired with some of her beautiful images of her extensive new sample range that so far her clients have LOVED!

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Why should wedding photographers invest in samples?

“Sample albums are a brilliant investment for a number of reasons!“

"As a photographer, you always want to show off your work to absolute best effect in order to give your business the competitive edge and secure bookings. When I meet couples for the first time, sample albums are a great way of showcasing my work in a really beautiful way. Of course, you can always show your clients images on screen, but displaying them in an incredible printed format just elevates everything (it also helps me to sell more albums, which brings in more revenue!). They really help me to ‘sell’ my work. No matter how gorgeous your work is, looking through hundreds of images on the computer is overwhelming; being able to look through albums and printed images makes such a difference. It adds an extra dimension; clients aren’t just seeing images, but feeling them too, turning the album pages over in their hands and feeling the weight and quality of the pages is infinitely more impressive than scrolling through images on a screen!

SIM Sample Albums | Helen England

I’ve chosen albums that compliment my branding so it all looks really gorgeous and illustrates the quality of my work. I always get a ‘wow’ when clients walk in and see them all laid out! I love that I can choose my favourite images and showcase my best work in a stunning format.

Sample albums have the same effect at wedding fairs, where they’re an essential marketing tool – and displaying my sample albums at venues has also helped me to win more bookings. Simply creating an extra album to give to a venue makes such impact; the venue is keen to share it with clients as my images make their venue look gorgeous, and the couple always want to know who the photographer was. Win win!”

SIM Sample Albums | Helen England

Why is it so important to show couples your sample albums?

“It’s important to respect that clients really are making an investment when they decide to order an album. Samples are the best way for clients to see what they are ordering. A beautiful album is not cheap, and they need to be confident that the money they spend will be rewarded with gorgeous quality. When you can feel and touch an album in your hands, the standard speaks for itself – telling a client about the weight of the paper, the finish of the cover or the binding options means very little… but let them feel an album, and the job is done. There’s absolutely no comparison between seeing photos of an album versus being able to physically hold it.

I find that many clients haven’t even thought of ordering an album until they’ve seen one of my sample albums – once they have, they can’t resist ordering one! It’s easy for couples to think that they’ll get round to ordering an album one day, but when they can actually see and feel an album, they can see first hand just how beautiful they are, and I find that the experience of holding an album will nudge them towards ordering one.”

Why you have to LOVE the albums/options you are offering to clients

“Quite simply, you have to have confidence in what you’re offering if you want to sell it successfully. If you feel slightly ashamed by the quality of your albums, you’ll always be slightly half-hearted in any efforts of promoting them, and you won’t sell as many. This not only impacts your revenue, but dents the experience you’re providing your clients with, too. I always feel that offering a beautiful range of printed options rounds off the experience that clients have with me, and just like the standard of my photography, the standard of anything else I offer has to be the absolute best I can give them.

Wedding albums are a piece of art that ultimately become a family heirloom. The thought that I can create something for couples that last for generations is an amazing feeling! I love the albums I offer and I want my clients to be super proud and equally as excited and happy to show them off to their family and friends for years to come. I’m super passionate about my albums because I love them so much and I know that my clients will love them too! I am so confident that my albums are worth investing in, my couples can see that and they can see how passionate I am and they want to have their own album to love!”

SIM Sample Albums - Helen England

Why did you choose SIM for your sample albums?

“The lovely thing about SIM is that there’s such an extensive range that it offers something for everyone, no matter their tastes or personal style. The colours available are absolutely stunning, and the personalisation options make them even more unique and special to each couple.

Having downloadable swatches means I can show my clients every combination of colour, material, embossing and UV printing. This is absolutely amazing because in my experience, clients really need to ‘see’ what they’re going to get before they order – especially with embossing and UV options, which can be hard to visualise. Being able to demonstrate all of the options whilst clients are with me in my office means I can help them to make their decision whilst they’re with me, increasing my likelihood of making a sale.

The biggest factor for me is that it helps me to sell more. SIM offers my clients a range of gorgeous options to bring the photographs I take for them to life, and the quality is unbeatable so I never hesitate to show the albums to my clients. In fact, those albums help me to sell more – more albums, more sessions, just more!”

Helen English Photography
Helen English Photography
Helen English Photography
Helen English Photography

A very special thanks for Helen for taking the time to chat to us about sample albums and why these are such an important element for a successful wedding photography business. For all of our professional photographers, we offer 40% off sample albums ALL YEAR ROUND meaning you can show your best work for less.
We also offer sample swatches for our customers to show their clients the cover colours in person, as well as a full cover pack. Investing in samples for your photography business is a key consideration for any photographer, but showing the best of your work in a beautifully hand made product will keep your business at the forefront of your clients minds. Register now or login to download your FREE SimWare software and begin designing your new sample album today.

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